Ok, so there’s a comic today… yay!  The new pen didn’t arrive, however… boooooooo!  I sucked it up and dealt with the malfunctioning pen… yay!  It looks weird… booooooooooo!

So yeah, hopefully the new pen will be in tomorrow (it was ordered on Amazon Prime, so it theoretically will be soon).

The absolute opposite end of the vendor spectrum from Amazon would be thrift shops.  Specifically, the thrift shop near my camp which sells the world’s strangest clothing on a daily basis.  I purchased a few items during pre-camp but hadn’t busted them out until the last few days.

For Sunday, I wore what looked like some kind of smoking shirt, a sort of lounge button down with a mostly open chest.  Base red color with a ton of little royal-crest-esque insignias… it looked pretty neat.

Also, it was silk.

Turns out it wasn’t a lounge shirt, the insignias read the following:

“[something something] Victoria’s Secret”

Apparently I was wearing a ladies lingerie pajama top.

Our nurse saw it and quipped, “I’m pretty sure I have the bottoms at home.”

This one might be a new addition to my livestream apparel, it’s too silly not to be!