Naturally we don’t have kids playing video games while at camp, but there is a Wii in the counselor lounge that gets some action every so often, even if someone has to use a Wiimote to play Smash.

There’s been some crazy good news today that I feel I should share.  Two days ago our caretaker lost one of his dogs.  He’s had dogs for years and is quite possibly the most lovable dog owner I’ve ever met.

This dog, Zorro, has only been with him for four months and was up at camp for the first time.  A few nights ago Zorro wandered off and didn’t come back.  Any of the other dogs who know the layout of the camp and the surrounding area would have known how to get home, but being so unfamiliar with the woods, he didn’t stand much of a chance.

Over the next two days he and his wife were going around town posting “lost dog” signs, but knew that every passing day meant it was more likely they wouldn’t see him again.

I was walking over to the infirmary mid-day Wednesday to drop off some paperwork when the caretaker was driving up the road…

…Zorro in the car.

There’s another house that the caretaker owns up here that Zorro had been to once before.  Somehow over the course of two days he made his way back there.

Totally crazy.

I’ve never seen our caretaker so happy before, it was pretty sweet!

Finally, a reader/viewer from Twitch streams that I’ve chatted with before reached out to me about a channel she started on Youtube!  Her first Let’s Play is for Luigi’s Mansion, check out episode one below!