Now that I have a few more hours of Smite experience under my belt, I can confidently say…

…that this game doesn’t make any sense.

I mean, from a gameplay perspective it’s fine, you win matches by pushing through enemy defenses and all that… but you play as Gods.

Why would, say, Zeus have a sudden desire to team up with Anubis and Ymir to push through some village and get to the other side?  Also, their attacks are pretty underwhelming considering they are mythological deities.  Neith shoots a little arrow, Ra has a bit of a fire spurt, Poseidon kind of splurts a little bit of water…

…it’s really silly looking.  Sure they all have special attacks that are neat, but they have long cooldowns.

Why would a God have to worry about such a thing?  Why would a supernatural creature have such a limitation?  It all seems a little ridiculous.

Fun, definitely fun, but ridiculous.

In other news, after eight years I’m finally getting a new pair of glasses!  During the summer I left my ratty pair on the floor and our Girls Head Counselor stepped on them.  She apologized, but it was totally my fault for leaving them literally in the middle of the floor.  

Sometime in the next week my glasses place will give me a call, and then I will pick up my SWEET SWEET NEW GLASSES.