Back in college Jackie, Chris, Paul, and I (and I think Rich too) played a Virtual Console Wii version of a Turbografx 16 game that was more or less like Guantlet.  I’m totally blanking on the name right now, but maybe one of them will know.

Anyway, we all chose a hero and then ran through dungeons beating up stuff.  There was this one character named Judas who was a servant to the King.  While he was aiding us as we progressed, we knew he’d betray us at some point.

…what with his name being Judas and all.

The king’s name?  Natas.  

Yeah, Satan spelled backwards.  He betrayed us too.  This game was lacking a little in the subtlety department.

Tons of JRPGs do the same thing, just before a character is about to betray you, you acquire a new member with exactly the same skills.

Subtlety, folks!

New glasses still aren’t ready yet, by the way.