The next livestream will be this Friday, October 2nd at 7pm est!  LET’S DOODLE!  Also chat and listen to Disney music and play games!

Once the doodle is done I suppose we can go back to the Borderlands 2 run which has been pretty much untouched for a while.  Will Salvador save Pandora?  WILL HE?

Yes, I’m sure he will.

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


Jackie took a look at this strip while I was making it.  Before she saw the last panel, I introduced it thus:

“Ok, so panel one…”

“There’s nothing there,” said Jackie.

“Yeah, so panel one will have like, a motherboard box with a bunch of nonsense that I don’t understand.  Then panel two will be me all like, ‘I don’t understand,’ and then panel three,” I scroll down to reveal Kel, “will be Kel from Goodburger.”

I am so glad that my life has taken me to a point when I can say “then there will be Kel from Goodburger” and mean it sincerely.

That movie was pretty fun, both as a kid and when we watched it last year (or so) when Joel was visiting Jackie.  That’s right, folks, we still watch Goodburger.  WHY NOT?

Also, I’m totally going to build a PC.  I may not know what all of the things mean, but I’m hoping my general technical knowledge combined with a lot of YouTube tutorials will see me through.