Totally forgot to do this earlier until someone posted about it in the comments!  Halloween is right around the corner and Jackie and I wanna see some costumes!  Jackie will be rocking out another well put together outfit this year while I… I have no plans this time around… maybe I’ll come up with something.

Anyway, send a photo of your costume to [email protected] with the subject “Costume Contest” to enter!  I’ll have some new buttons made up for the winners.

So… yeah!  Show us your Halloween best!

In other news, I’ve played a bit of Zestiria and so far my feelings are pretty mixed.

On the plus side:

  • Super pretty
  • Very silly humor
  • Snazzy theme song
  • Generally engaging cast of characters

On the negative side:

  • Frame rate capped at 30fps for some reason
  • Battle system is pretty meh

More on the battle system: In the past, Tales games would have HP and TP (to use special attacks/spells).  This game has HP and SC (to use any kind of attack).  SC can be gained back by guarding and dodging, which I have no problem with.

What does kind of stink however, is that many attacks that used to be in the special attack category are now “castable” through directional use of the standard physical attack button.  With what used to be special attacks are still the same, but there’s not a whole of linking/combo ability on a single character basis.

The battles still flow… but I don’t feel as though I have absolute control over what’s going on like I’ve had in the past.  The camera has not picked super friendly angles all the time either, but so it goes with these type of games.

The super big plus thus far?  Edna.  Edna is a riot.