The next stream will be this Friday, October 23rd at 7pm est!  As per usual, we’ll make a doodle from your silly suggestions and will play games afterward!  I’m a little up in the air regarding the game to play…

…we could continue RE6ing, but we’ve done a lot of that recently.  I’d be interested in doing the story mode of MKX, or starting up Tales of Zestiria which I’m super excited for…

…we’ll see!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


Every time I lose to Richard while playing Greninja (which is like a billion times a week) I usually make the comment that his hands should get stuck together.  Well… today’s strip is a monument to my suckitude at playing Smash.

My win rate vs Rich has to be less than 5%, and when I do win it’s usually cause the stage caused a silly death.

I get rocked on a constant basis.

Back on Zestiria WHICH I CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY, I had no idea that it came with a copy of Symphonia HD for PC.  My only experience with the HD version was pretty shoddy, the PS3 port had fixed directional movement (cardinal directions plus diagonals) and there was what felt like a pretty severe input lag that would make speedrunning pretty much impossible (or ridiculously frustrating).

Hopefully the PC version doesn’t have those issues.  I’ve played ToS at least one to two hundred times now, but I’ve never played the full game… in HD!

Also, I have a ton of pizza in the fridge which I’m really anxious to tear into.  It’s like… pizza… JUST WAITING FOR ME.