The next stream will be this Friday, October 23rd at 7pm est!

Things got quite silly last week, I was a little confused when I saw the next day that the title of the twitch stream was changed to “PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSS!”

…seriously though, come on, Piers.


The adventures of new computer super-fun-time continue!  At this risk of this being overly cliche, I started a new character in Skyrim solely to run it with mods.  Not that Skyrim was ugly before, but geez, with mods running it’s pretty sweet.

…and that’s without spending any time tweaking the mods I currently have or checking to see what other ones might look better.

Also, Tales of Zestiria offically comes out today (I think)!  I’ve already purchased it on Steam and can’t wait to download it and playing it religiously.

If there’s anything I’m afraid of however, it’s that Xillia 2 totally stunk up the joint by having a silent protagonist and an overly complicated battle system that wanted to do wayyyyy too much.

Xillia 1’s battle system is the best in the Tales series thus far.  Hopefully Zestiria follows it’s mothership predecessor’s lead and tones it down a little.

Finally, it’s getting cold again… yay!  My air conditioner is still in the window… boooooooo!

I should deal with that, it’s super chilly in here right now.