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The button prize this year will be a How Applejack Won the War button, neat-o!

So let’s talk Toph.

It’s time for a Toph talk.

We’re going to give Edna some Toph love.

…ok enough of that.

Edna is more or less a carbon copy of Toph, the only observable difference being that Enda isn’t blind.  Other than that they sound similar, speak similar, have similar personalities, are both little girls, and both have the ability to manipulate earth.

It feels less like an homage than it does borderline plagiarism… then again that wouldn’t be entirely new to the Tales series considering that Tales of Symphonia is in many ways a reskinned Final Fantasy 10.

Let me state for the record that Tales of Symphonia is in my top two favorite games of all time, but the similarities between those games are more than coincidence, especially considering that ToS came out just two years after FFX.

So yeah… Edna is Toph.

…but Toph was my favorite character in Avatar, so I’m still enjoying the heck out of her.  I bet those two would love each other.

I’m also beginning to come around to Zestiria’s battle system a bit, so that’s nice!