Fallout 4 has been pretty fine so far, fun game to look at and the ambient music has set the tone nicely.  I’m glad that weapons and armor don’t degrade with use this time around, although it kind of makes carrying more stuff a little less useful.

If there’s anything that has really annoyed me it’s the subject matter of the above strip.  Why can’t I wait without sitting down?

…if I’m required to sit in order to wait, why couldn’t I just sit on the ground?

The concept of needing to find a chair in order to advance time is beyond silly and intrudes on the flow of the game.  I hope they patch that out but have doubts that’ll happen.

Also, watched Mad Max Fury Road this weekend, holy heck that movie is amazing.  Great performances amid a wildly gorgeous movie that has possibly the greatest “storytelling to dialogue ratio” for any non-silent film ever made.

I’m definitely late to the game on this one, but if you haven’t seen it you must.  It’s absolutely superb!

In other news, I passed out eating cookies most of the weekend.  That was fun.