For the most part I’m having a pretty good time with Fallout 4.  I’ve dumped about 20 hours into it and in that span have explored the irradiated wilderness, warred with super mutants, solemnly walked through the ruins… pretty much what’d you expect and hope for in a Fallout game.

The missions however are suffering from Skyrim syndrome, which boils down to “go somewhere, kill/collect something, come back.”

The two low rank quest givers in the Brotherhood of Steel not only just give same-y quests, the sometimes give the same quest.  Like, the exact same some.


I get the fact that in an attempt to have unlimited quests for grinding purposes there would inevitably be a repeat of some kind.

…but after ten or so missions?

Hopefully those are randomized, if they scripted it to loop that frequently that’d be embarrassing.

It seems like Bethesda forgot how to make interesting missions after Oblivion, which while it had plenty of “go here get this” stuff, also featured missions such as:

  • Kill a guy an make it look like an accident (drop a chandelier on him)
  • Don’t kill a guy, but make it look like you did in order to get debt collectors off his back
  • Get sucked into a magical painting
  • Discover what happened to a magic student only to learn that he was wearing a magical ring that encumbered him while underwater

Also, even in Skyrim I was interested in and cared about the members of guilds/towns/whoever I happened to be interacting with.

FO4, not so much.  Many folks feel like cardboard cutouts who have only one personality trait.

Rhys for example… tough guy.  Doesn’t trust you, cause… he’s tough.

I’m sure at some point the source of his toughness will be revealed, or he’ll sacrifice himself for the Wanderer, making the player feel bad for not liking him or whatever, but he just feels so… one dimensional doesn’t do it justice.

Arturo is neat, he’s simple in a good way.  Dude sells ammo and stuff.  The wasteland needs folks like him.

Give me more Arturos.