Not that I ignore distress signals in Fallout 4 or anything, but it certainly seems that it isn’t worth it sometimes.  Even without the radio thing, there have been a number of places that I’ve strolled across, got one shotted by something, and then decided that that area wasn’t for me, not yet anyway.

My honeymoon stage in FO4 is over at this point and I’m pining for some more concrete narrative that’s actually mixed with the gameplay.  Right now it seems as though you get a little bit of storytelling via dialouge then are whisked away to a building somewhere with the mission to clear it out or recover something, then return to the questgiver for a little more story.

It’s like interesting narrative is a product that can only be bought through killing raiders or giant bugs.

In other news, that charity spin-a-thon thing was this past Saturday and we raised about 50k so that was pretty neat!  Immediately following the cycling I felt fine…

…until I headed to the subway and found that stairs were suddenly an awful challenge.

My legs will be jelly all week.