It’s Thanksgiving!

…where I live anyway.

Other than the fact that Thanksgiving doesn’t happen everywhere, it also takes place at different times of the year in other countries.  Canada, for example, does it in October.

I learned this only very recently.  At work last month I was sending out some emails, and a Canadian that I was trying to get in touch with said that she wouldn’t be in the office for a few days due to Thanksgiving.

Initially I was thinking, “hey, just say you’re unavailable, don’t try to tell me you’re gone for a holiday that’s a month away…”

…but then I saw a bunch of Canadian Thanksgiving stuff.

Fancy that.

In regards to today’s strip, this isn’t exclusive to FO4, but it always seems crazy that sleeping questgivers (or people in general) never seem to care that you wake them up in the middle of the night, even if you come with good news.