As mentioned above, there will be a proper comic up tomorrow, right now my body is a mix of too tired/sick/sore to put something together.

Mostly tired over sick/sore, but it’s worth mentioning!  Here’s the rundown of my weekend:

  • 5pm Friday – Leave work with a large suitcase full of teddy bears/other stuff to sell at a Bazaar in Philadelphia (work related)
  • 5:30pm Friday – Get to the PATH station at 33rd street
    • I got my ticket, but when I walked over to the trains, suddenly there was 2000+ people standing around doing nothing.  Initially, I was thinking “Geez, there must be a ton of tourists today or something” until I heard an employee loudly yelling that train service was suspended due to a track issue.
  • 6:15pm Friday: Slowly make my way to the World Trade Center PATH station and eventually get on a train.
  • Friday Night: ate a good home made dinner by my mother.
  • Saturday late morning/early afternoon: Drive to Pennsylvania.
  • Saturday afternoon: spill coffee on my light colored shirt.
  • Saturday afternoon: Stop at a nearby GAP to buy a shirt.
  • Saturday afternoon/evening: Run a table at a Bazaar.
  • 9:45pm Saturday: Begin to drive back home
  • 11:45pm Saturday: Get back to New Jersey
  • 12:10am Sunday: Get to Harrison PATH Station
  • 12:35pm Sunday: Train arrives
  • 2:04am Sunday: Arrive back at apartment
  • 4:00am Sunday: Fall asleep
  • 6:30am Sunday: Wake up & can’t fall back asleep
  • After waking up:

Rich is a giants fan, I am a Jets fan.  Six months ago we got tickets for the Jets/Giants game this past Sunday, and as it so happens this game had huge playoff implications for both teams.  There was a lot of back and forth in the early going, but ultimately we were down 20 to 10 with a little under 9 minutes remaining.

A poor decision by the Giants to go for a touchdown of 4th down resulted in an interception that gave us some life.  We scored a field goal on the drive, forced a three and out, then tied the game with a touchdown.


We got the ball first and scored a field goal.  With the recent overtime rule change, the Giants would have one scoring opportunity: they could win with a touchdown, tie the game (and make it go to sudden death) with a field goal, or not score and lose.

They attempted a field goal… and MISSED!


Random notes from the game:

  • We were expecting a 60/40 Giants/Jets  split in the fans, but it ended up being at least 75/25 in favor of the Giants.
  • The guy sitting next to me (that wasn’t Rich) said the following when the score was 7-3 Giants with the Giants lining up for a field goal (to make the score 10-3), “This will make it a two score game”
    • …MATH lol
  • I yelled wayyyy too much and now my throat is super sore.
  • The game was officially a Giants home game, so everything was decked out in Blue an they were handing out little Giants towels at the stadium entrance.  I took one for the hell of it figuring Rich might want two or could give it to someone.  On the train back, there was a guy who looked exactly like that Macklemore dude who was bummed that they ran out of towels.  Rich gave him the extra.  TOWEL SUCCESS!
  • Exiting the stadium, there was this guy:
  • 15_12_07_blogpic