Rich and I finished up our Final Fantasy 9 run earlier this week and despite the fact that this was hardly my first playthrough of the game, I had no idea just how all-encompassing the “bird killer” ability was.

Is an enemy aerial in any way, shape, or form?

“BIRD!” cries FF9, even when something clearly isn’t a bird.

Ozma, for example, is a sphere.

Come on, that’s not even close.

Also falling into the category of “not even close” was my clothes at work on Wednesday.  I felt out of sorts all day and couldn’t place why until 5pm when I went to the bathroom.  While staring in the mirror as I washed my hands, I realized that my shirt was buttoned incorrectly.

I looked ridiculous.  Forget the fact that I was out of it enough that morning to button my shirt wrong and not notice, but no one mentioned anything to me all day.