That Ocarina of Time race we did last week was put up on YouTube for the heck of it.  Watch it in all of the “Alex sucks” glory here:

I had heard that Nintendo was cracking down on YouTube videos and let’s plays and what-have-you, but given the amount of Nintendo related video content out there I didn’t think twice…

…the next day I got the email saying that Nintendo made a claim on the video.

Now, everything is fine, the video gets to stay up and all that, Nintendo just gets to put ads on it.

…which I suppose is fine, it’s their game after all, right?

Rich more or less argued (correct me if I’m misrepresenting what you said) that our “performance” of the game should make the video a transformative work and therefore fall under fair use.

I’m not entirely sure I agree, but it’s also midnight and I ate too much salty soup and my head is too far gone to put my thoughts together.

Heck, I hope I uploaded a comic as opposed to a picture of cats or something.

Sleep time!