So Rich and I had been wanting to race Ocarina of Time for a while and what with me being on vacation this past week and Rich being off on Friday, it was the ideal time to give it a shot.

…by “give it a shot” I mean “get totally trashed by Rich.”

It started out poorly and got worse over the course of the run.  The trend basically went:

  • Alex finishes a dungeon while Rich is already en route to the next one
  • Alex enters a dungeon while Rich is already fighting that dungeon’s boss
  • Alex fights a boss while Rich is already in the next dungeon
  • Alex enters a dungeon while Rich is now a full dungeon ahead

So on and so forth.

There was one point where I thought I’d need a shield and spent an eternity trying to get the resources together to buy one like an idiot.  I ended up not getting the shield nor needing it anyway so… awesome.

In all honesty, I thought I was going to be in the Water Temple by the time Rich finished the game, so having made it to the Gerudo Fortress when Rich clinched the win wasn’t so bad.

I mean… it’s bad… just not as bad as I thought it would be.

Saturday was totally awesome, by the way.  Prior to Saturday, I had never seen Ghostbusters, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, or Die Hard 3.

Jackie, Name Redacted, and I marathoned those (along with DH4, which I had seen).  That was more or less the perfect way to tie up the vacation!

It must be said, by the way, that the first Die Hard was clearly the best.

Not even close.