Livestream update of sorts:

This isn’t an update for a regular stream (although I do intend to get back into the habit of doing those), but for a twitch one.  Rich and I are planning on doing an Ocarina of Time race sometime on Friday.

When I say “race” I mean we both start at the same time but Rich finishes the game sometime around me being in the Fire Temple.  It’ll be that much of a beatdown.  If you’re into watching live slaughters, this race will be for you!  See you on Twitch!

End livestream update of sorts.

I’ve more or less given up on Fallout 4 being interesting, but really had the desire to play something Bethesda-y… Skyrim it is!

Rocking out with a thief Khajit is pretty fun.  Not being able to steal from a NPC that is “busy” seems bizarre though.  If they’re busy, shouldn’t they be more prone to pickpocketing?