I swear I didn’t plan this strip (and specifically the title) ahead of time to go hand in hand with New Year’s Eve, but hey it works out!

I’ve been playing Psychonauts in 1440p and to be totally honest, it looks pretty amazing.  Despite the fact that the character models are low poly, the super high rez makes everything appear amazingly sharp, it’s quite the experience.

The textures on the other hand… well there’s not much you can do about that… ah well…

…still looks good to me though!

Jackie (sister Jackie) and I took our mom to see Avenue Q last night which was fun.  I was admittedly a little nervous considering how raunchy it gets, but then again she liked Book of Mormon last year so it was all good.

On the way back home there was a fun treat too, there was a dad (I assume) walking down the sidewalk with a bunch of kids.  It was a bit chilly and rainy and the dad suddenly exclaimed, “My nipples are getting so hard!”

…like, really loudly.

Nipples, man… his were getting hard, I guess.