Happy New Year!

Around this time last year I was lamenting the fact the upcoming year was going to be super difficult.  The reason?  I write “5” pretty goofy and every document I’ll need to date would look less than superb.

2015 was conquered, and I like writing the number 6.

Here’s hoping that’s a good thing.

GTA V has been an absolute pleasure to play so far; the city is enormous, it’s very pretty, and there always seems like there’s something to do.  Other than the fact that it’s the first game to really make my computer’s radiator get warm, GTA V has been totally perfect.

…other than the fact that the button to prepare airplane landing gear is right next to the button to jump out of the airplane.

I’ve already made that mistake while flying, helplessly tumbling through the air while my now unmanned plane veers off course and into an orphanage or something.

AJ would be proud.