Longtime readers and archive explorers will not be surprised to see another strip about me being bummed over the Jets.

About twice a year there will be some NFL related strip, and seeing how the playoffs are about to begin this weekend with the Jets missing it again, this is the only opportunity to make something Jets-centric until the draft.

For you non-football folks, the Jets were baaaaaad last year; out of sixteen games we won four.  Everyone got fired and even though I was genuinely excited for the new coaching staff, I didn’t expect results in their first year.

This past season we had the most offensively talented team in the history of the franchise, our top two wide receivers set a new NFL record for games in which a WR duo scored at least one touchdown each, and may have been the most fun Jets team I’ve seen in my lifetime (so far).

That said, even though we won ten games we missed the playoffs.



Back to video games: Rich and I are playing A Link to the Past and it’s pretty fun, but I rage quit a dungeon Tuesday night.  There was a room that featured a number of enemies which had to be killed and then a statue you needed to pull onto a switch.

…it also had a wallmaster.

After somewhere between four and thirty attempts I, for the first time that I can recall, tossed the controller from my lap and said something to the effect of, “OK THAT’S ENOUGH” likely followed by some expletives.

I. Just. Couldn’t. Handle. The. Wallmaster.

Darn those things!