Alright, I’m back from London and no longer jetlagged (I think)!  Let’s get right into some of the nonsense.

First off, thanks to Frankie’s suggestion I checked out the Grant Zoology Museum:


I avoided taking pictures inside cause it didn’t seem like anyone else was taking pictures.  Anyway, there were a ton of awesome skeletons and stuff in jars there which was really neat and I get a kick out of reading little information cards, so that was super fun!

Something a little weird happened while I was in there, however.  There was this little alcove in the museum (which was really more of a big room compared to what you normally imagine museums to be like) that had tiny little microscope slides that went from the floor to the ceiling.

I went inside, started looking at the floor slides and slowly made my way up… when I got to the ceiling…


I freaked the heck out, yelping loudly enough for everyone to hear.  Seriously though, who the heck is looking at people through the ceiling?  I took a second look to start scolding the guy when I noticed…

…it was a mirror.

I’m dumb.

I was also dumb coming back through customs when I got to the airport.  I had some little “London” shot glasses with me to give to friends, and on the immigration form there was a question that asked if I was carrying any commercial items that I didn’t have before leaving the USA, so I said yes.

This answer was input into a little kiosk, and after answering the other information it printed out a little receipt to take to the customs booth.  I walk over to the booth area, get in line, and begin my lovely wait.  Some time passes and I notice that the little receipt I got had this big, black X through it.

“huh…” I think to myself, “I guess everyone has a big X on theirs too.”

Not the case, I look around the line and no one has the X.

An airline employee saw my X and asked me to come with her.


She brings me to a separate booth where a guy starts grilling me over the commercial merchandise I have in my luggage, “Sir, what items are you importing?”

“Uh, some souvenir shot glasses?” I sheepishly say, for some reason in the form of a question like I’m on Jeopardy.

“Sir are you reselling these items?”

“No, they’re souvenirs.”

“Then they aren’t commercial items and you shouldn’t have reported them.”

At this point I began explaining that they were purchased from a commercial location in the UK and that I thought that meant they were commercial goods and so on, but the guy rolled his eyes, figured I was an idiot, and told me to go through.

I’m smooth.

Finally, here’s two pics.  First, Henry and Megan told me that everyone takes a photo with the lion statue:


BAM!  Me with the lion statue, in the rain so you know it’s London authentic.

Second, a statue with poop on it:


…it’s funny cause, you know, poop.