…and on a comic day no less!  After a little googling it doesn’t look that that’ll happen again until 2024, so hopefully Corpse Run will still be a thing by then.

It’d be fourteen years old at that point, but hey, who knows?

Full disclosure: I love Street Fighter V so far.  Generally I’m not very good at fighting games, but SFV is very easy to pick up, learn the basics, and have a good time with, especially online.

Anyone who has watched me play on Twitch might already know one of the major downsides to online play… matchmaking.

Getting a match takes anywhere between 1-5 minutes, which on the face of it might not sound like a lot, but the very real possibility of playing 4 matches in 20 minutes is really lame.

Once you do get a match, you’re then treated to what my old roomie Chris referred to as the “Black Screen Simulator.”


There was one black screen simulator situation I had where I waited five minutes at the black loading screen, only for my opponent to have a disconnection error.

Fix this, Capcom!

Oh, and add arcade mode.

…and make the online store actually like… be there.