We had an appointment with RCN on Tuesday to restore the internet and fortunately the RCN tech delivered!  Unfortunately, something a little weird happened.

The guy arrives (doesn’t call like we asked, he rang the doorbell which wakes up our landlords), takes one look at the modem, and goes, “I need to check outside.”

About half an hour passes and the guy returns.

Modem lights are all blinking green, good news!

…but we need to move the modem near the wifi router.  We made up a coax extension a while back, so I suggested we use that.

The tech had other ideas however and started making a new coax.  I figured that he had to use new materials while out on a job or something as a part of protocol.

This guy could. not. cut. the. wire.

He kept cutting off too little, forcing him to cut more and more over and over.  After about five minutes of cutting, the cable was too short and he frustratingly threw the cable to the floor.

…then picked up the extension cable we were previously using and connected that instead… protocol be damned?