Finished up Tomb Raider on Thursday, despite a few unremarkable moments and a story that largely functioned as a device to move Lara from set piece to set piece, it was stupidly fun to play.

I happened to get it during a Steam Sale and can fairly confidently say that it was the best three or so dollar purchase I’ve ever made.

It also had the most blood and gore of any game I’ve ever played.

Including every violent shooter/resident evil/grand theft auto/etc.

Imagine the end of Carrie, that’s what Ms. Croft looks like for over half the game, sans the dress.

Once upon a time, I used to be a fan of the show Survivorman (cue Mitch Hedberg, I still am, but I used to, too).  In that show, a dude would get dumped in random wilderness locations and must survive for a few days.

You might think, “Hey!  That sounds just like Man vs. Wild with that Bear Grylls guy!”

Nope!  Les Stroud would film himself.  Including carrying around all of the camera equipment in addition to surviving.  Totally awesome, that guy.


…he’d always make mention of the diseases an inexperienced person could get when in a survival situation, Giardia being one of the more common issues.

So when Lara first started drinking some water that could have easily had bacteria in it… well… I don’t think that she’s making it out of there with just scars.