I picked up the 2013 (I think) Tomb Raider game a while back during a Steam Sale and up until recently it’s done nothing but collect virtual dust in my game library.



This game is some serious fun.  I’m digging the combat, Prince of Persia-eqsue climbing, and the odd puzzle every now and then.

Little surprised about the level of gore in this game, on the other hand.  I’ve never played a Tomb Raider until now, but I get the feeling that the older games didn’t feature Lara getting shot in the stomach, or crushed with a boulder, or having a metal spike go through her throat, or any of the other random ways you can die in this game.

This is a combination of a action-oriented platformer and Saw.

Then again, I’ve never seen Saw… but I get the feeling it isn’t dissimilar.