There have been a number of times over the last couple of years that you might have hear me complaining about Nintendo while streaming.  The criticisms I have of them boil down to the following:

  • They have awful third party support for their consoles because of underpowered hardware and gimmicky controllers
  • As a result of this, the WiiU’s game library is laughably terrible
  • Their own games, while good, are few and far between
  • They do not keep their promises

I bought my WiiU about a year and a half (or so) ago.  I haven’t turned it on in at least 6 months.  When I did have it on, I more or less just played Mario Kart 8.

The major reason I bought the thing was to play the next Zelda, which we were told was coming out in 2015.  At that time I made this comic:

Well, Zelda didn’t come out that year; it was delayed and we were told 2016 was the new release date.


Zelda isn’t coming out to 2017 now… and will be a dual release on the WiiU and NX, Nintendo’s next console.

What the hell, Nintendo.  First off, you have been raising your middle finger to you fans for years now.  Second, you have absolutely no business making a new console when the one you have had out for the last three years has the world’s most anemic game library.

Basically, Nintendo is telling anyone who bought a WiiU that they don’t care about them and that they wasted their money while simultaneously trying to use a game that was supposed to come out in 2015 as the launch title to get folks to buy their next piece of hardware.

Eff that.

I hope Nintendo ends up like Sega, where they get the hell out of the console market and just make games.  As it stands now they are an awful company that uses their high quality software to string fans along and buy crap consoles that have no support.

In more positive news, I’m trying to bring back the “Let’s make a comic!” thing on the YouTube, so here we go!