So there’s the new Star Fox game that came out recently… NEAT! After all of this complaining that Nintendo isn’t releasing any good games, it’s refreshing that a major WiiU title launched in the last month.

…granted it was supposed to come out in 2015… but whatever, I guess…

…surely all that extra development time resulted in an amazing game, right?


Mandatory tilt control aiming.

Mandatory tilt control aiming.


That’s some total BS right there and Nintendo knows it.  They’re just trying to push the gimmicky WiiU features and they are now actively ruining the playing experience because of it.  Other than the fact that the tilt controls are incredibly imprecise, it is astoundingly jarring to constantly switch from looking at the TV to the game pad depending on what you’re doing at any given point in time.

Furthermore, the tilt controls are so janky and broken that you have to recalibrate them multiple times while in the middle of missions.

That sucks.  That really sucks.

…but hey, at least there’s that fast paced Star Fox action you loved as a kid and in college, right?


There was one level in particular I remember being singularly terrible, where you’re driving a painfully slow hover-copter-thing that would drop a tethered robot that you then also painfully slowly drive around.

I think that was the Zoness level… Zoness!  One of the coolest levels from the N64 game.  Totally ruined this time around.

There are definitely things to like, some of the boss battles are great… but ultimately if a game controls like crap, has crap pacing, and has a mix of crap voice acting and character design, it’s hard to label it as something other than crap.

Oddly enough, I want to play more of it, I feel like if I could just get over how awful the controls are there could be a lot to enjoy…