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In this incredibly rare but totally something that happened alternate ending of A New Hope, Luke attempts to complete the bombing run on the Death Star with his trusty WiiU GamePad using the Star Fox Zero control scheme.

…it goes as well as you’d expect it too.

Up until the last day or so, I was unaware that SFZ has been the center of a huge screaming match on the internet between people who love the game and the infinitely more reasonable people who think it controls like butt.

I don’t know how much more I can touch on SFZ at this point, but I guess I’ll take one last opportunity to say…

…omg the controls are terrible and I don’t think I’ll ever understand the people who say they’re ok.  I’ve spent about 5 hours with the game so far, if I can’t pick up a control scheme and have it feel natural in 5 hours, at the very least I don’t think it can be called intuitive…

…or good…

…or anything other that woefully god-awful.

On a final note, one of our Twitch channel watchers started a new let’s play.  I’ve linked to her before when she did a Luigi’s Mansion run which was pretty neat.  I haven’t played the game she’s doing now (Pony Island) but it has ponies so I imagine it’s neat!