Yada yada yada Overwatch and all that, on to something else…

For the most part, I try to avoid politics on this site, facebook, twitter, etc.  No one cares what my political opinions are and even if they did, a comic strip that doesn’t explicitly deal with politics is an appropriate place to share them.

This will ever so slightly be about politics.  I will not talk about the people running for president, which parties are lovely or awful, or who I think people should vote for.

I will only talk about what happened to Jackie when she tried to vote in the New York State Primary.

The NY State primary took place on April 19th.  When she arrived at the polls, she was told that she was not registered to vote for her party.  She was told this despite the following facts:

  • She had been a registered member of the party in question in her district since 2003, and had been voting in elections as a member of this party in this district since 2004.
  • Her address has not changed in nearly ten years, and she’s been voting from that address ever since.

There is absolutely no reason that she should have been purged from the polls.  What the polling location did do was give her an affidavit ballot.  That way she could vote for the time being and once the Election Board confirmed she was real her vote would count.

She was told that she’d receive a letter in two to three weeks telling her if her vote counted or not.

As you’re likely aware, it’s June 9th.  She just got a letter yesterday, well past the two to three week time frame she was quoted.  The letter stated that her vote did not count.

That’s total bull.  She’s been voting here as a registered party member for over a decade, but suddenly she isn’t and her vote didn’t count.

The real salt in the wound here is the reason they say her vote was invalid.  Here’s the letter they sent her:


The reason her cote didn’t count, they claim, is because the “political party [she’s] enrolled in did not conduct a primary.”

So… what the heck were all those voters doing voting that day if there wasn’t a primary?

Obviously a primary took place, we all know it.  Obviously the reason they told her her vote was invalid is complete nonsense.

…but the part that really matters here is that citizens have no recourse.  The bottom of the letter states that people can contact them if they think something is amiss, but who really thinks that the Board of Elections is really going to do anything?

These are the idiots that purged her from the polls on election day, took double the time they quoted to get back to her concerning the matter, and then decided to stick their head in the sand and claim there was no primary.

I’ve said in the past that I try to avoid cursing as much as possible here, but this warrants it.

Fuck you, board of elections.