Time for more Overwatch strips!  There’s a chance that I’ll almost exclusively play it until I’m gone for the summer (which is pretty soon) on account of the fact that the internet is going to be awful.

…I mean, it doesn’t take that great a connection to play games online, but I get the feeling that the experience won’t be fantastic.

There’s also the issue that I likely won’t have any time anyway.

Regarding team composition, however…

I totally get that there are a lot of characters in Overwatch and that most people (myself included) aren’t going to be proficient with all of them.  That said, everyone should at least have a handful of characters (ideally at least one of each type), so they can always play a character that the team needs.

…this happens… infrequently.

Snipers up the wazoo, two Soldier 76s, eight McCrees…

Offensive characters and snipers are fun, sure, but so is winning.

Nine times out of ten I’ll play a healer or Reinheardt simply because everyone else wants to HIGH NOON or some nonsense.