Ok, let’s talk about Resident Evil 7 for a second.  There’s apparently a demo out on PSN that people have been playing.  Unfortunately I don’t have a PS3 or PS4 or a PSN account so I can’t access it, but I did see the teaser trailer.  Take a look:

Granted, I would have purchased RE7 no matter how good or not the promotional materials looked, but maaaaaaaan this looks great.

Combined with the reports that RE7 is going to feature new characters and dial back on the completely bananas direction the story has taken in recent years means that I’m likely as hyped up as I can possibly be for a new game.

I mean yeah, that Zelda footage looked great, but hook me up with RE7 asap!

Also, that logo… hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

Maximum hype-age.