So yeah, it’s the wee hours of the morning and I’ve only just gotten back to my cabin, and there’s no energy left in me to make a proper strip at the moment, my apologies.

That said, let’s definitely take a moment to talk about what we all loooooove talking about, horse pee.

So every year my camp leases horses from a stable.  Our contract works in two parts:

First, we take our horseback counselors to the stable to meet with the ranchers and fit the horses with our saddles.  Second, they bring the horses to us and we get them set up in our barn.

When they dropped off the horses, they were standing in the middle of our stable area and giving direction.  One of them was wearing a neat pair of what looked like snake skin boots.

with a pointy toe thing!

So these are like, fancy shoes as far as I’m aware.  As they’re talking the horses are… executing bodily functions.  Pee everywhere… EVERYWHERE.

Like, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse drink before, so I’m not sure where all the liquid comes from.

ANYWAY, the horse pee is running along the ground and begins to pool up into a not too tiny pee puddle.  The guy with the nice boots walks right into the puddle and stands there.

For like, a while.

Like, minutes of standing directly in pee.

Horse pee.

I’m tired.

I hope there aren’t too many grammatical errors here.