There have been a ton of interruptions and goof ups making this strip.  I tried to get right to work immediately after dinner, but then thing after thing came up and suddenly it was 8pm by the time I got to my cabin.

Then phone calls, phone calls, phone calls while trying to work…

…damn you, long range phone.

then a phone call that forced me to trot to the gym halfway across the camp, then back to a different cabin, where I ran into two folks telling me the tool shed was locked, which I knew it wasn’t.

They said they were pulling on the door in a number of different ways.

We walked over to the shed, and I opened the garage door without hassle.  Turns out the door they were trying to open didn’t actually lead to anything, it was just an aesthetic door that didn’t actually function.

Theeeeeen somehow the masking on the ice wall in after effects wasn’t working and that took forever, and theeeeeeeeen it took forever to get the gif settings to look passable, and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen I decided to remove a panel, which forced me back into AE, then photoshop, and then tweaking the gif settings again, and then finally uploading this…

…at which point I forgot to give McCree his goatee…

…but I’m too tired to do all this nonsense all over again, so… I guess he’s goateeless.

Time to sleep!