For the record, I didn’t actually buy a second graphics card to run in SLI.  There have been tons of stories out there about how running that kind of setup doesn’t scale all that well, that there are microstuttering issues, and that some games don’t support SLI at all.

I mean, it’d be neat to post crazy benchmark numbers, but there doesn’t seem to be enough real world application of SLI to justify the cost of adding another card.

Also, there are new cards every year that post bananas benchmarks, so it’d be dumb to purchase another card from an older generation.

In camp news, we’ve had another power outage.  Fortunately this one was on a Thursday so it didn’t mess anything up, but it’s a little weird that we’ve had two already this summer.

I think we had just one all of last year, and that was a scheduled outage that the power company told us about two weeks in advance…

…which didn’t stop me from being dumb that day.  The power company told us that everything would go off at 3pm.  I was working on an excel doc and was nearing completion on the work but it was almost 3.

“Oh, it won’t go off at exactly 3,” I thought and kept working.

Well… it did.

I’m dumb.