This is a story, a story of the most clairvoyant I’ve ever been ever.


Some of you might recall that anytime I even get the sense it might rain, I instantly go unplug all my stuff for fear that there’s going to be a huge lightning storm or something.  While I’m up at camp however, I don’t always have that luxury of being near my stuff.

Usually that means I just unplug everything when I leave my cabin in the morning.

This past Monday, I did not do that.

It was kind of cloudy, but there were patches of blue skies here and there.  I had just walked down to the waterfront when I noticed a few doomsday-esque clouds rolling over the mountains.

“I’m… gonna go unplug my stuff,” I mentioned to Dan and walked off.

My cabin is on the opposite edge of the tennis courts on the road to the horsebarn.  When I stepped on the tennis court, everything was fine.  By the time I crossed to the other side, it began drizzling.  By the time I got on my porch, it was raining.

I went inside, unplugged everything, returned to the porch and…

…full on monsoon.  The wind was absolutely bananas, I thought the windows were all going to break.  Rain going sideways, trees bending far enough I was shocked they didn’t snap like twigs… it was an hour long storm that might be the worst weather I’ve ever seen at camp.

Also, the power went out again.