Alright!  I’m officially back in the city and camp is over, apologies for the delays this summer.

Everything is kind of a mess in my apartment as there is a ton of laundry strewn about that I need to do (in addition to the general mess that’s always there).  The laundry would have been done while at camp, but some of the counselors broke the washing machine in my cabin by putting 13 blankets in there at once.

This lead to the spinny thing getting stuck, the machine filling up with water, and becoming a four foot tall paperweight.  It’ll get fixed, but unfortunately that didn’t help me on Sunday.

Also, I’ll be streaming again now that I have internet that doesn’t totally stink.  There isn’t really a streaming schedule anymore, but I’ll generally stream making comics (usually Sunday and Wednesday) and games whenever I happen to be playing something, so that’ll be fun!