In the event you ever needed to know, my legs are as hairy (if not more so) than what is seen in the strip.

They are super sexy legs.

So hot.

Speaking of hot… summer!  Speaking of summer… camp!  What a well executed and totally natural segue.

One of the emergency drills we run at camp is a Lost Swimmer Drill.  The Lost Swimmer Drill, or LSD, features a dive team comprised of counselors that sweep the entire swimming area by diving down to the bottom of the lake.

Since I know some of you might be wondering, there have been plenty of summers where we’d refer to the drill as “dropping acid.”

Anyway, anytime we do a drill of this nature, I’d pull out my phone to time it.  LSDs are triggered by the waterfront director blowing an air-horn.  Sometimes I’d know exactly when the drill was happening, sometimes not.

Well… walking down the sidewalk this week I heard an air-horn go off and instantly freaked out and fumbled for my phone before realizing that I was back in the real world and the construction workers across the street weren’t dropping acid.