So I finished up Bioshock Infinite and loved it so much that I picked up the “Buried at Sea” DLCs.  If you haven’t played Infinite, you absolutely should.  While the gameplay is a little on the stale side (others might disagree) the atmosphere and narrative more than make up for it.

Playing Bioshock 1 seems to be a bit of a prerequisite, but I myself never played Bioshock 2, so I guess that one isn’t too important when it comes to being able to enjoy Infinite and the DLCs.

Fun game, great music, great visuals, wonderfully interesting story that felt as though it was built upon the desire to make the audience exclaim “ah-hah!” as much as possible.

Basically the most fun I had with a game since playing the 2013 Tomb Raider last year.  I don’t think Infinite is on a Steam sale at the moment, but should you have the opportunity to pick it up the next time it is, go for it!