Back when I first started playing Overwatch, Mei was my gal.  No matter the situation, I’d almost always choose to play as her due to the fact that ice wall is one of the most fun abilities in any game ever.

…but then competitive play came along and changed everything.  I focused more on support characters in order to best help secure W’s.  Mei almost entirely disappeared from play.

…but then she got buffed, her ultimate AoE was increased and suddenly Mei is everywhere again.

…but not played by me.

Now I just die from Mei’s all the time, helplessly flailing around as I turn to ice, only for her to shoot me in the face like an immobilized fish in a barrel.  Damn you, Mei, you heartless crazy lady.

In other news, Aflac Insurance visited my office this week to tell us about a number of insurance plans they had available (health, dental, serious injury, life, etc).

Each type of insurance had a little packet explaining it, and each packet cover featured the Aflac duck mascot.  The mascot looked pretty mundane and boring on each cover, except for the life insurance packet…

…where he was dancing.

I mean, there’s no easy way to talk about life insurance and dying and all that, but jeez the one packet talking about dealing with the financial fallout of people dying, and that’s the one the duck is dancing on?

Bravo, Aflac, that was pretty funny.