just a little.

I’ve tried to make it a point to not talk about politics in the strip as I generally feel as though Corpse Run should be more about games and me being an idiot than anything else.

During the last US Presidential Election, there was a Kat’s Korner reminding people to vote and a pic of me dressed up as Abe Lincoln while going to vote... and that was about it.

The second presidential debate between Clinton and Trump just wrapped up.  My feelings over the course of this election cycle have been evolving from emotions like anger, frustration, hope, doses of humor…

These are things I’ve felt for every election I’ve been able to vote in (not many, for sure – this is my 3rd presidential election in which I’ve been able to participate), but for the first time, I’ve felt fear.

Not just fear; genuine terror that the outcome of this election can usher in a radical new era in American politics.

On the stage tonight, one of the candidates promised that if elected, he’d appoint a special prosecutor to put the other in jail.  On a nationally televised debate, in the United States of America, a man just promised to put his political opponent in prison should he win.

And this is after the already horrendous things that he has said.  In the world of Donald Trump, the only person that gets a pass is Donald Trump.

He later followed up that statement by claiming that not only does he disagree with Mike Pence regarding the use of military force in Syria, but that he hadn’t even spoken to him about it.

Specifically, Trump was asked a question about Syria which included Pence’s position and he said, “He and I haven’t spoken and I disagree.”

This is a person who is the nominee of a major political party who one month from today might be the President Elect of the United States claiming that he hasn’t consulted with his Vice President running mate on major policy positions.

This is insanity.  This is absolute political chaos of a magnitude that I frankly never thought possible.  Think back to the “scandals and controversies” of past elections:

  • “Binders full of women” and “the 47%”
  • Bill Ayers connections
  • Swift boat veterans for truth
  • Restoring “dignity” to the White House after the Lewinsky scandal

Think about how all of those moments seem to completely disappear under the mountain of horrible things uttered by Donald Trump.  His comments of Mexicans, Putin, making late night tweets telling people to check out the sex tape of a former Miss Universe, allegedly not paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years, using steel from China that he just criticized in tonight’s debate to build a number of his buildings, treating receiving a Purple Heart from a serviceman as a nifty little doodad “I always wanted a Purple Heart, this was much easier”, criticizing the parents of a dead soldier, saying that he kisses women without consent because when you’re famous you can get away with anything, that you can “grab them by the pussy.”

Every day there’s some new thing that comes out about this imbecile that would have torpedoed the campaign of any real politician.  Folks say that Trump is refreshing because he is an outsider, that he isn’t corrupted by party politics, that he speaks from the heart, and that he isn’t afraid to be politically correct.

That’s a load of shit.

Being the President takes skill, it takes political finesse, it takes charm, and it takes knowledge.  This person possesses none of those qualities.  What happens when he insults a foreign leader?  What happens when negotiations break down because he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “compromise”?  What happens when we give the authority to utilize a nuclear arsenal to a person who possesses the thinnest skin in the universe?

For fuck’s sake, he mentioned Rosie O’Donnell…WHILE IN A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE.

Donald Trump is unhinged, this man is unstable, this man appears to be bordering on the edge of clinical insanity.

This man declared, to the entire country and the world, that he would personally see to it to put his political opponent in prison should he win.

At first, Trump was kind of funny, no one expected he’d make it this far so we laughed.

Then Trump started winning delegates in the Republican Primaries, but we all knew he wouldn’t make it anywhere close to the convention.

Then Trump won the Republican nomination and we all did a double take.  Suddenly this was serious.  Somehow this racist misogynist garnered enough support that he could actually win the presidency.

And now he wants to jail his opponents.

This is beyond fucked up.  This is America, this sort of thing doesn’t happen here.  Why anyone thinks Donald Trump should be President is completely foreign to me.

I understand that this might annoy a portion of you reading this.  I don’t like to talk about politics, especially here.

However, this election has gotten so out of hand that I feel the need to vent a little.  I voted for Bernie in the primaries so my ideal horse is already out of the race, but Clinton works for me fine.  For the more right wing-leaning people reading this, I’m sorry that a madman has hijacked your party.  For any Trump supporters reading this, I fully support your desire to vote for your guy as I believe that our country only works when everyone has a voice, but my gosh, I really hope your guy doesn’t win.

….and I’ll try not to bring up politics again until November.