So I’m halfway through the third case in the new Phoenix Wright game and so far it’s pretty… meh.  The Ace Attorney cast is one of my favorites in all of video games, so it’s been a little disappointing to see the series start to drop in quality.

The 3D models are boring compared to the sprite animation of the first four games and the plot has become increasingly silly to the point where I almost don’t care about what’s happening anymore.

What happened to just trying murder cases?  Why does everything have to have some kind of long term plot significance?  Why do these plot points have to be so zany?  I’m definitely tired of magicians, please stop!

Hopefully I’ll change my tune once I finish the game, but who knows.

In real life news, this Saturday I was repping my workplace at some expo.  We had a table decked out with pamphlets and computers and stuff, ready to show off all the neat things that we do.

…well, we would have, if there were any guests there.  Seriously, the foot-traffic was basically zero.  My coworker and I, along with other representatives from other organizations, sat at our respective tables to a nearly empty hall.

An hour and a half in, things got a little weird.  The organizer of the event started speaking through a microphone, thanking “everyone for coming.”  I’m not sure who he thought was there to thank, but… yeah, no guests.

He then passed the microphone to one of the presenting tables.  They gave a little synopsis of what they were peddling to… no one.  Then they passed it to the next table who did the same.

…oh gosh, the microphone will eventually come to me.

Lo and behold, a few tables later and suddenly I have the microphone.  Keeping in the awkward tradition of the other tables, I gave a little speech about our organization and the programs we offer… TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.

Afterwards, I handed the mic to the next table, who’s rep whispered, “do I have to?”

I dunno, random table neighbor, I don’t know what’s happening anymore.

Absolutely one of the weirdest things I’ve had to do.