Yeah, that’s right, a Final Fantasy comic.  WHO CARES IF IT CAME OUT IN 1987?  I’M ONLY PLAYING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME RIGHT NOW.

So Rich and I are playing the first FF, while it’s my first time, it’s his twenty-something-ith.  For the most part he’s been doing the (grunt) work of knowing where to go and keeping us from going off sequence, which has been pretty nice.  It’s almost like playing with a talking strategy guide.

Only, you know… a strategy guide that starts to poke you when you fall asleep because you’re turning into a crotchety old man who starts getting tired before the sun gives even a hint of going down.

Anyway, the game is pretty slick and despite parts of the system being rudimentary feels like it’d still hold up today.  Seriously, throw a fresh coat of paint on it and it’d sell alright.

…maybe jazz up the story a little though…

…just a tad.

For funsies, the party seen in the above strip is the one we’re using: Fighter, Fighter, Red Mage, White Mage.

Our names for these guys?  Stabby, Bob, Green, and Squall, respectively.