Disclaimer: Politics are boring and annoying

Ok, so the election is tomorrow and holy moley I’m not a fan of how the polls have been tightening over the last couple of weeks.   For the most part every projection has Clinton with somewhere between and 80%-95% chance of winning, but FiveThirtyEight (at the time of this writing) has her at a 65.5% chance.

Personally, I don’t care what someone individual politics are.  I grew up in a conservative household and became a liberal later on, so I have some kind of understanding on where the people who disagree with me politically are coming from.

That said, I do not understand where Trump supporters are coming from:

  • This a a guy who says his business credentials qualify him to turn the county around economically, but refuses to release his tax returns which would actually disclose his financial background.
  • This is a guy who began his campaign by vilifying our south neighboring country calling their people drug dealers and rapists.
  • This is a guy who deals with major political events like debates with no apparent preparation.
  • This is a guy who gets into petty squabbles with random people on twitter.
  • This is a guy who is upset over his portrayal on Saturday Night Live and says the show should be shut down.
  • This is a guy who says that “grab them by the pussy” is locker room talk.
  • This is a guy who claims that he know more about ISIS than the US Military.
  • This is a guy who says that it’s dumb to announce attacks, completely oblivious that doing so is crucial to reducing civilian casualties and saving lives.
  • This is a guy who mocked a Gold Star family, claiming that their religious beliefs kept the mother of a dead soldier from speaking.
  • This is a guy who lost a billion dollars in an economic boom and thinks he is good at business.
  • This is a guy who has had numerous bankruptcies and failed casinos.
  • Seriously, how does a casino lose money?  Customers go in there fully aware that they are likely to lose money.
  • This is a guy who said that a judge born in the USA was biased because of his Mexican heritage.
  • This is a guy whose “university” is the subject of two class action lawsuits for fraud.
  • This is a guy who is incapable of understanding that the people who weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths are people too.  His comments on receiving a “small” million dollar loan from his father show just how out of touch he is.
  • This is a guy who said that countries should have more nuclear weapons.
  • This is a guy who says that we should “bomb the shit out of [our enemies].”
  • This is a guy who started a mortgage company in two thousand six.
  • This is a guy who has made sexual comments about his children, about minors, about models, about anyone with two x chromosomes really.
  • This is a guy so mentally unstable he couldn’t resist bringing up Rosie O’Donnel in a presidential debate.
  • This is a guy who tweets in the middle of the night about a sex tape of a former miss universe.
  • This is a guy who claims that he might not accept the results of the election.
  • This is a guy who said he’d cover the legal costs of someone who sucker punched a protester at one of his events.
  • This is a guy who literally contradicts himself every day and claims he never made statements that he literally made while being recorded.

This is a guy so heinous, so reprehensible, so disgusting that even if he loses the election, the country has already suffered immensely due to the fact that he made it this far.

He has climbed as high as he has by stirring up the racist portion of the country that has been dormant for a long time.  He has given them a voice, he has legitimized their feelings by dragging them within an inch of the whitehouse.

Donald Trump is so immensely unqualified for the job, not just as a politician, but as a human being.

I definitely understand that Hillary Clinton is not a saint.  I voted for Bernie in the primary and was definitely bummed out that he didn’t win.  That said, Clinton’s problems and scandals are nothing when compared to that of Trump’s.

It’s the difference between a paper cut and a full-body degloving.

So if your reason for not voting for her has anything to do with her publicized scandals, then you have fallen victim to the false equivalency ride that the media has taken you on.

Like the last time I posted something kind of political, I recognized that this might annoy a portion of you guys.  Obviously I like to keep this place as politics free as possible and want to spend time poking fun at games and making fun of myself.

However, this election is different.  This election matters because one of the people running is the most unqualified candidate in history.

Four years ago I wanted Obama to win, sure, but I wasn’t afraid that Mitt Romney would destroy the nation if he won.  With Trump however, I fear that fundamental institution of the country will suffer so greatly that we might be talking about the past sixty years as the last time America was a great place to live.


…go vote.