No, I’m not going to take my salt and sadness to team chat.

What I am going to do is try to get back to focusing on video games and nonsense.  This will be the last politically themed comic until the next election.

Whether or not that means midterms or four years from now, who knows.

For anyone who read the last post, you know exactly why I’m bummed out right now.  America chose a president who campaigned on a message of fear and hatred.  Even though more people voted for Clinton (at the time of this writing the projection is that she will end up with more total votes), Trump has won due to an incredibly ridiculous presidential election system where the amount of people who voted for you doesn’t actually matter.

Donald Trump will be the President of the United States and we all need to deal with that.

What we don’t need to do, however, is stop voting for what we believe in. Everyone must either become or stay involved in the political process.  Not just every four years, either.  Keep voting, become involved, make a difference.

Don’t let hatred win.

…and try really hard to stop picking Hanzo/Widowmaker… I mean, come on we need at least two tanks and two healers JEEZE!