So every once in a while after a Pokemon battle, you’re prompted with “PokeCare” (or something to that effect, as the strip suggests, my 3DS is out of battery right now), a mini game where you care for your Pokemon by cleaning dirt off it, brushing its hair, etc.

I don’t like that the word “care” is involved, because every time you skip doing it, it insinuates that you Poke…don’t…care…

…or something.

Like, it’s already a speedbump of a minigame in order to get your Pokemon to perform better, don’t make me feel as though I’m neglecting my team if I don’t comb out every dust-bunny from their feathers.  Come on, they never needed so much attention before!

They’re so needy now!

In other news, I started watching Yuri on Ice and while I definitely thought it was weird at first I’m quickly falling in love with it.  Other than the fact that the story is silly and fun, I find it fascinating that this is the only cartoon that I can think of that makes reusing animation over and over again engaging each time.

There are minor edits in the reuses, but it’s visually varied enough and is narratively different every iteration.

Check it out!