Wooooooo new year!

At the risk of sounding all silly motivational, here we go.  The moment you decide to do something for the better, start immediately.  All waiting accomplishes is giving your brain time to doubt your goals or create excuses.

Want to start working on something?  Start right now.

Don’t give yourself some arbitrary start date that’s in the future.  I initially said to myself in November, “I’ll start going to the gym next year” as if “next year” was some magical time where I’d be more motivated.  Later that day I chastised myself for waiting and decided to sign up.

I’m still not in shape or anything, but I do have a month and a half head start today than I would have had I waited.

Wanna learn to cook?  Start today.

Wanna learn to rock climb?  Start today.

Wanna learn to procrastinate?  Start tomorrow… by starting today… by starting tomorrow… hmmmmmmm that one’s hard… but…

…wanna learn to do whatever it is you want to do?