Maaaaaan does the FFIX remaster on Steam look great.  Like, it totally puts the FFX remaster to shame so far.

Maaaaybe that’s because it put some effort into sprucing up the background characters to the point where I can actually see their faces and make out what they’re supposed to be.  Maaaaaybe it was a bit easier for them due to the fact that FFIX was a console generation behind FFX.

A little from column A, a little from column B.

Life note:

While I generally do awkward stuff every day, I had an exceptionally awkward moment Wednesday night while leaving work.  There’s a revolving door to get out of the building, and I was staring at my phone while walking into it.

…I walked into the same tiny compartment as some old lady.

She was not pleased.

I apologized over and over while we penguin shuffled our way around the circle to free us from our glass prison.

My face is still red.