Just a reminder, I’m trying to bring back Friday streams!  Not looking to do a doodle stream just yet, but games and stuff.  Planning on finishing up FFIX on Friday night and will likely start around 8pm est.

You can watch me suck on Twitch!

Regarding today’s comic, a couple of things:

  • I’m not having some crisis of doodle confidence, I just like to poke fun at myself
  • I understand that having the CPU run faster doesn’t mean doodles will be better…
  • …but it is cool!

As mentioned before, I’m getting towards the end of my current FFIX run and as anyone who has seen me play it recently can attest, I am constantly gushing over how great the remade version is.

Everything is so pretty!

…except for the backgrounds, but whatever.

Also, the battle system is just as bad as it was when FFIX first came out…

…but who cares, I love this game!