Alright, so the Switch (and more importantly, Zelda) is coming out this week.  While I am definitely thrilled to play Breath of the Wild, I am just as definitely pissed off that the game is two years late and is being used as a release game for the Switch.

As far as I’m concerned, this means that the Wii U never got a Zelda game.  Sure, BotW is getting a Wii U release too, but the Wii U never had a standalone Zelda exclusive.

…which in my opinion is an enormous middle finger from Nintendo to everyone who bought the console.

My friend Chris claimed that I as a consumer have a sense of entitlement with that opinion.


I’m not saying I’m entitled to walk into Nintendo’s office and yell at them for being two years late, but as someone who shelled out $300 for the Wii U, I think I am entitled to be annoyed at them for not keeping their promise, and not supporting the Wii U in general.

I’d like to buy a Switch, but this time I’m going to do things differently.  Once there’s a bunch of games that I want to play that are actually available and not “promised” by Nintendo, only then will I buy a Switch.

Given their recent track record of… everything since the Nintendo 64, Nintendo has been pushing crap home consoles.  A not so small part of me is hoping that the Switch totally tanks, forcing Nintendo to pull a Sega and leave the hardware market entirely.

Nintendo… just make software and portable hardware.  Please, that’s the only thing you’re good at.